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Ian’s Technical Services: Hot Tub, Jacuzzi® & Spa Parts in Toronto


As a hot tub owner, you know there’s no feeling quite like soaking in your tub after a long day. In order to enjoy this soothing escape—and protect your investment—you need regular repairs and maintenance. That’s where Ian’s Technical Services comes in. We are your full-service hot tub repair provider in Toronto. In business since 1998, we sell and repair OEM parts for all makes and models of hot tubs and spas (including Jacuzzi®). We also carry a broad range of refurbished hot tubs for sale.

Spa Repair in Toronto

Every spa needs to be maintained or repaired regularly in order to keep it running smoothly. Allowing one problem to go unchecked can lead to issues with other components, so don’t ignore your broken thermostat, time clock or air switch.


Hot Tub Motor & Pump Repair

The external components of hot tubs normally last for 30 to 40 years, but the moving parts inside like the pump and motor require added maintenance to do their jobs efficiently. Since replacing these components can be costly, Ian’s Technical Service will always test your equipment before replacing it, saving you time and money.

20-22 Goodmark Place

Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 6R2

416-230-9690 (Phone)

416-679-8381 (Office)


Hot Tub Repair

Repairs to broken pumps,
motors and more.


Spa Care 101

Weekly maintenance
will keep out germs.


Expert Repairs

Service when you need it,
throughout the GTA.

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